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Free Running -

FreeRunning is the art of movement. The discipline of moving through any given environment in a creative way through self expression and exploration. Developed heavily from the rigidity of Parkour, FreeRunning is commonly used to describe physical movement that doesn’t place as much emphasis on efficiency as it does on creativity and flair.

The Term Free Running was coined by Sebastian Foucan after searching for a way to easily translate Parkour, the French term over to English speaking countries. The 3RUN team were heavily involved with the development of Free Running in its early days in the UK. Helping to get it globally recognised through some of the first 3RUN videos such as Evolution, Free Your mind and Evolution Ex.

3RUN’s first big Free Running video was titled, “EVOLUTION” and as it stands being uploaded to a few youtube accounts now racks over 30 Million views! This lead to 3RUN’s name being concreted in the history books of Free Running and Parkour.

Since then 3RUN has continued to create Parkour and Free Running media to share this incredible art with the world. Creating Online Tutorials, Showreel, Travel documentaries and much more. 3RUN videos can be seen on the 3RUNTUBE which also has over 30 Million views now.

Free Running now has multiple competitions around the world most notably the Red Bull Art of Motion. You can now come to the 3RUN Academy to progress though the Graded system, very similar to the Martial Arts belt system and once attaining your black band this will have you at a World competition level.

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