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3RUN is a world leading professional performance team specializing in the Arts Of Movement – Parkour / Free Running, Martial Arts & Urban Acrobatics. Providing high impact, visually provoking movement sequences for Film, Television, Live events and Photographic campaigns. 3RUN seek to break the mould – pushing the boundaries of performance with a new breed of performance athlete in an innovative and exciting way. 3RUN have been involved in countless ground breaking projects including 007 James Bond Casino Royale, award winning commercials for Microsoft Xbox, and a number or Guiness World Records that they have smashed.

3RUN have developed an unrivalled level of experience based upon 7 years of professional performance, standing as a key influence over the development of Parkour and FreeRunning Worldwide.

Now the team behind the success of 3RUN have opened the first dedicated Parkour, Free Running and tricking gym run by the professionals at the top of the game. the 3RUN team will be there to introduce students to the beautiful arts of Parkour, Free Running and Tricking in a state of the art facility catering for every level. 3RUN aim to work on each end of the scale, safely introducing new comers to a positive way of life and a new sport, working from the bottom up. Yet on the other hand working closely with talented individuals to get them up to world class performing level. 3RUN classes aim to get its students through a graded system, very similar to earning your black belt in Karate, you will be able to get a black band in 3RUN.

As well as running Parkour and Free Running classes, 3RUN have also pioneered a revolutionary fitness programme designed at getting its students in the best shape of their lives. The gym is something of the past, we always felt that lifting weights was a little mundane so we created a workout using the foundations of parkour and free running, all natural body weight exercises and came up with Street Fit

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